As a business your commitment to commercial property is likely to be one of your biggest on-going costs. Do you have complete control over the process with sufficient checks and balances before the commitments are made? Are your decisions made smoothly at the highest level and are you able to commit quickly with absolute confidence that the right decision is being made? We can check that your internal property governance is correctly positioned and that it is fit for purpose against ‘best in class’ procedures. This may sound process driven but it is absolutely key to running your property smoothly and being on top of your ‘property game’. Don’t let others beat you to the deal because you weren’t ready or able to commit on time.

Property Strategy

We look at the property requirement against the aspiration of the business.  Will the lease or purchase you commit to, enable your company to meet its business plan? Will it cater for your projected headcount? Is it flexible enough to support future business operations? We will help you lock into the right lease or purchase having regard to your future needs. Property commitments tend to be illiquid, long-term and pretty final. We will help you get it right.

Advice on new property leases and purchase transactions with a focus on total cost analysis

We can provide due diligence on new leases or purchase transactions to ensure that the best terms are secured against the property strategy sought. This can include agreements for lease on complex pre-lets of new developments, sale and lease backs or straightforward leases or acquisitions.

Efficient portfolio management looking at total lease liabilities and key lease events

Is your property database fit for purpose? Do you know what your total property liability costs are and what you are contractually committed to? Are you monitoring your break rights? Are you preparing for your next rent review? We can help keep you on top of your lease events to ensure you maintain a healthy position on your commitments.

Lease re-gears and surrenders

Are you happy with your general property situation? Or are you tight for space and over committed on your property position? There may be an opportunity to re-gear your lease in return for a better position or will your landlord be prepared to agree a surrender. When is the best time to address a re-gear or surrender? How can you protect against future rental peaks and being caught with a rent review at the worst time? 

Service charge analysis

Are your assets being managed efficiently and is your service charge what you had hoped it would be or is it escalating? Is it being operated in line with the RICS code of practice? Are you getting value for money and are your staff proud of their workspace?

Government Rates

Are you overpaying? Should you appeal?

Workspace environments

Will yours enable you to compete for the best staff in your sector? Are your existing staff happy? Are you catering for new ways of working?

Where to locate and why?

We can offer a unique approach to location analysis for businesses who need to retain their staff and for whom high rates of turn-over must be avoided. This is a blend between demographic profiling, inward investment lures and suitable property solutions. Our advice and capability in this area is sector leading. Speak to us and find out why.