‘Dilapidations’ refer to breaches of obligations either express or implied under the terms of a lease.  Acting for landlords or tenants in either the private or public sectors we work with our clients to prepare and implement the most appropriate dilapidations strategy, Financial Regulation Services reviews or assessments before lease expiry.


‘Due Diligence’ is a key part of the property acquisition process and is designed to alert the purchaser to issues that will affect the building as an investment and / or an asset.  Our reports cover occupational considerations, repairs and defects, environmental considerations and legal issues. 


Building owners / occupiers / management companies need to know their full extent of maintenance liabilities, the cost and when the works are required to ensure high standards, value for money and management control.  Key elements are protecting the asset, safeguarding use, controlling cost and operational safety.


We act for Building or Adjoining Owners.  The general principle of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is to allow an owner to undertake certain specific works on, or adjacent to, adjoining properties while giving protection to potentially affected neighbours.


Appointed by banks, funds or future occupiers to oversee their interest in a development, our independent role involves identifying, advising on and monitoring construction related risks, which are not under the client’s direct control throughout the development programme.


We work with our clients to protect their real estate assets following a complete full or partial loss by calculating the reinstatement value to ensure they are not under insured or pay too much for insuring their property.  In addition, we can negotiate claims after an event and can project manage the repair and reinstatement works.


Providing expert advice on construction related issues including quality, quantum or scope. Our service is independent and fully compliant with the provisions of Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules.


Working with our clients, we develop a strategy that ensures the efficient delivery of their service by making best use of their real estate assets.  The workplace process consists of defining objectives, establishing the current situation, desired future state and implementation.  Typical questions include, how much space do you need in the future? Do you need to improve productivity?  Are you looking to relocate?  Do you need to improve workplace efficiency?  Are you looking to expand / rationalise?


From project inception through to completion we work with our clients on new build, extension, refurbishment or repair and maintenance projects.  This involves the preparation of feasibility studies (initial survey, preliminary design, cost and programming advice) through to contract administration (preparing specifications, tender documents, contractor selection, administrating the contract including costs through to the end of the defects liability period.


We review our client's property to identify any problems, assess risks and help with any necessary rectification strategy.  Areas covered include Equality Act Assessments, Fire Risk Assessments, legislative compliance and health and safety matters.


Our cost control procedures are used pre and post contract.  We act as cost controllers for our clients at each stage of the project to ensure that finances are considered in parallel with design thereby providing an early warning if say unauthorised expenditure is likely or the contract period is likely to be exceeded.

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